Sensory Nutrition

"Fuel your body...Delight your senses"

Sensory Nutrition

Stephanie Brina-Herres, MS, RD, CDN

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About Stephanie

Stephanie grew up in an Italian family and Italians are passionate about life! Every aspect of life is important to them: living, loving, spirituality, family, food, and all things cultural.

Stephanie is an American Heart Association award winning Registered Dietitian (RD) and NY State credentialed Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN).

With solid expertise built over more than three decades of practice and spanning six states, Stephanie's background includes being a seasoned clinician, consultant, educator (including full-time professor), presenter, author, researcher, program coordinator, consumer scientist (including recipe developer), advocate, counselor, coach, and mentor.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer a blog that encourages you to expand your sensory enjoyment of tasty food, rich in vital nutrients, to help you maximize your health and enjoy a flavorful life. See it, Smell it, Taste it!


Welcome to Sensory Nutrition! Please come in and join Stephanie and the rest of the staff here.

The doors at Sensory Nutrition are usually open 24/7, so come in and visit with us when YOUR schedule allows. We would love to share some of our secrets for nutritious and delicious meals you can make as part of your busy 21st century lifestyle.

Whether cooking for one or for many, our motto is: Get more out of life and enjoy life more.

Let food be your source of nutrients to fuel your lifestyle and delight your senses!